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Rubber Bridge Bearing Pad

Bridge Bearing Pad

Classification and representation methods of bridge bearings

Classification as shapes of bridge bearings
a.Rectangular bridge elastomeric bearings
b.Circular bridge elastomeric bearings

Circular Bearing Pad
Rectangular Bearing Pad

Classification as material  of bridge bearings
a.Neoprene bearing(applicable temperature -25~60°C)
b.NR bearing (applicable temperature -35~60°C)

Elastomeric bridge bearings pad  are designed for use in bridge and building construction – under pre-cast concrete beams, steel beam supports and other support points – as local load carrying components.
specializes in designing and producing techical rubber products including Elastomeric Bearings. Rubber bearings are flexible support points used in the construction of viaducts and bridges.
Laminated rubber bridge bearing pad
When the rotation properties have to be similar in all directions of the horizontal plane, round bearings are used. However a rectangular bearing can handle larger rotations around its longitudinal axis compared to a round bearing with similar surface area.

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