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Elastomeric Bearing Pads

Elastomeric Bearing Pads For Structure

Laminated Steel/Elastomer Bearing Pads are now in service in tens of thousands of bridges and similar structures throughout the world.

There is good reason for this. Elastomeric bearing pad support vertical loads with minimal compression, allow expansion and contraction of the structure with minimal resistance and provide for normal end rotation of bridge beams. In addition, they are easily installed and maintenance-free. All this is encompassed in a unit having the lowest cost per unit of supported load up to approx. 350 kips (1500 kN).

More sophisticated designs can be incorporated into an integrated structural system that channels horizontal loads to strong points and away from weaker ones. Ultimately such systems are used to mitigate the severe loading conditions caused by earthquakes. The Cosmec/Dynamic Rubber Team is pleased to offer Laminated Steel/Elastomer Bearings to suit any owner or State specifications. With our extensive design experience we can readily provide designs for specialty applications to meet unique design criteria or specific design requirements.


A wide range of loads can be accommodated by varying the plan area, the thickness of internal elastomer layers and the elastomer hardness. Plan areas should be chosen on the basis of bearing seat dimensional limitations as well as loads.

Changing the elastomer hardness and increasing the effective thickness by adding layers are methods of varying the resistance to horizontal movement and the amount of such movement.

Beam end rotations up to about 0.02 radians can readily be accepted by adding to the effective elastomer thickness.

Bearings can be molded in rectangular, square, circular or other shapes. Note that custom shapes, clipped corners, slotted, skewed and tapered bearings may carry cost premiums due to mold modifications.

Plain Elastomeric Pads, without internal shim plates, can also be supplied by Cosmec. These Plain Elastomeric Pads can be molded the same as Laminated Bearing Pads.

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